Hi, I’m Natasha! The “Naxa” of Naxa Designs.

I believe that every single person should have something unique, handmade and totally luxurious in their home. I also believe that this “thing” shouldn’t cost the earth. That’s why I created Naxa Designs; so that everyone can be a proud owner of a hand-crafted piece of originality, within their reach.

Naxa Designs entered the world in 2015 after 25 years working in varied artistic roles while living in and out of my favourite corner of the earth, Spain. I’d spent my life immersed in creativity and different cultures, working with beautifully vibrant individuals from all walks of life.

But I knew I wanted to take my journey further. There was a business within me and a fire I still needed to ignite.

I’d always sewn; throughout the years, my different apartments and houses have been adorned with intricate furniture covers, bold tablecloths and ornate curtains all with the “Naxa” stamp. I loved having the creative license to design without boundries, bringing the quality, bespoke touches that made my house a home.

And then I realised: what if I could bring this incredible feeling to others? With that, Naxa Designs was born.

I now work with clients (of all backgrounds and sizes) to help transform their dream home or commercial space with a one-off piece – or multiple pieces to light up all spaces in their home – that epitomises their personality. My work includes curtains, roman blinds, soft furnishings, uphulsotry and reupholstery (recycling and reinvigorating pre-loved furniture), blending professionalism with character to deliver something truly sumptuous.

I make my clients feel special. I add quirk and subtle twists to their designs. And I absolutely adore it. I get so much joy when I deliver my products and see how genuinely loved they are. To me, there is no better satisfaction.

I can’t wait to see the Naxa Designs community grow and to reach more & more people with my heartfelt products crafted with passion and dedication.

– Naxa